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“Her and Kristen are both absolutely wonderful….”

Due to a cancer diagnosis I was thrown into a whirlwind of appointments and the mention of a bilateral reduction for breast symmetry to coincide with my partial mastectomy lead me to Dr. McCall. A year later due to another underlying condition complicated by chemotherapy I found myself in need of an abdominoplasty. There was no question that I wanted Dr. McCall to perform this surgery too. Her and Kristen are both absolutely wonderful. They saw me at my worst and gave me amazing care with such compassion. I am now almost 2 years out from my cancer diagnosis. I am getting stronger and stronger everyday, now walking 3 to 5 miles most days and just completed a 110-flight stair climb last weekend. Exercising is so much easier without a big fat roll on my belly and large breasts pulling on my back. My situation for needing these surgeries was not what anyone hopes for, but it ended up being my silver lining during a rough time. I’m happy I had to go through it all to feel as great as I do today.

Tina B.

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“Patient-focused and my results are what I was expecting….”

Having been in the medical profession for many years I can say that Doctor McCall’s practice and her wonderful staff is the type of small, strong patient relationship practice that I seek out for my own medical care. Her care is outstanding, patient-focused and my results are what I was expecting. I can highly recommend her to anyone seeking hand care and facial plastic surgery. Thank you for your exceptional efforts.

Jack M.

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“A fantastic job on my bilateral reduction….”

Dr. McCall is amazing! She did a fantastic job on my bilateral reduction. I am so pleased with the results. Her nurse, Kristen, is also fantastic. I can’t say enough good things! My only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for a plastic surgeon in this area.

Katie R.

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“It was a joy to be a patient with them…”

Dr. McCall and her nurse Kristen were the best! I had been bounced around from doctor to doctor and they took care of me right away! Calm environment, very nice and professional staff. It was a joy to be a patient with them. Would recommend any day.

Maisie A.

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“I wish I would have done this procedure years ago…”

Dr. McCall reshaped my ear lobes, and did a fantastic job. I wish I would have done this procedure years ago. The procedure was painless, and the healing time easy. I went to work the next day. My ears are beautiful. Extremely happy.

Renee F.

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“Thoroughly impressed and very happy…”

Dr. McCall was fabulous when I need a breast reduction. She talked to me and told me what was going to happen and what recovery was going to be like, so I had no surprises. I am thoroughly impressed and very happy.

Courtney L.

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