Whether you wish to enhance your face, breasts, or body with a cosmetic procedure, or if you require reconstructive hand surgery, Dr. McCall and compassionate team at Lake Country Plastic & Hand Surgery here to provide you with the outstanding results you deserve.

Lash Lift: 

A lash lift is a semi-permanent lift and curl of your natural lashes. By bending your lashes over a silicone shield and applying a perming solution, you will be amazed with the result. It works on anyone’s lashes, no matter their length or color and is relatively low maintenance. By lifting the lashes upwards, the eye is reinvigorated, while adding lash tint makes the lash line more defined and adds volume. Most lash lift and tints last up to eight weeks.

Lash Tint: 

Think of lash tinting like getting your roots touched up. The tint will boost your natural lashes by darkening them. Most go without the need for mascara after you tint. Lash tint lasts around six to eight weeks with minimal care.

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