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Dr. Tracy McCall performs panniculectomy at her practice serving MilwaukeeWaukeshaPewaukee and Brookfield. Often, people confuse a panniculectomy with abdominoplasty (tummy tuck). This is because both procedures deal with sagging skin on your belly. However, while a full tummy tuck addresses the entire abdomen, a panniculectomy typically only involves loose skin and fat tissue below the belly button. A panniculectomy surgery is specifically designed for people who are overweight or have lost a significant amount of weight and have a large fold of skin hanging down from their lower abdomen.

At Lake Country Plastic and Hand Surgery in Pewaukee, WI, our panniculectomy patients are looking to improve their quality of life by getting rid of this abdominal “apron,” also known as a pannus. Dr. Tracy McCall and her surgical team encourage men and women from Milwaukee, Waukesha and beyond to come in and discuss panniculectomy.

How Does a Panniculectomy Work?

Typically, incisions are made around the pubic area, so Dr. McCall can gently remove excess fat and skin. One incision will be a horizontal curve that arcs from hip to hip. A second cut will run vertically from below the sternum to the pubic area. Once Dr. McCall has removed the overhanging tissue, the remaining skin will be drawn together, tightened and closed. In some cases, only the skin is removed. But for patients who can physically tolerate a larger operation, a panniculectomy can offer more. In fact, in some cases, the procedure can be done with greater, more involved skin and muscle tightening than can be achieved with a standard tummy tuck.

What are Pewaukee Panniculectomy Costs?

There are a lot of variables with a panniculectomy surgery, including the length of the procedure and how much skin needs to be removed. The best way to assess what Pewaukee panniculectomy costs would be for you is to schedule a private consultation at Lake Country Plastic and Hand Surgery.

Am I a Good Candidate for a Panniculectomy?

Generally, if you need a panniculectomy, then you are probably experiencing physical discomfort from the “apron” of skin on your abdomen. As a result, the procedure is sometimes covered by insurance.

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Many men and women come into our Pewaukee office with skin and fat that can extend down as far as the knees, over the hips and around the back. The overhanging skin can collect moisture, causing painful rashes and ulcers in the folds. Sometimes the skin and fat hang down so far that they can interfere with sitting, standing, walking and other daily activities. The condition can also lead to back problems and body odor.

What is the Recovery Process for a Panniculectomy?

It is normal to experience swelling and bruising after your panniculectomy. You will usually be required to wear a support garment to encourage proper healing. Dr. McCall will give you instructions on how to take care of yourself, and you will have a series of follow-up panniculectomy appointments at our Pewaukee office.

At Lake Country Plastic and Hand Surgery, we know that the best patient is an informed patient. To that end, we provide comprehensive details about various aspects of panniculectomy surgery, including procedure steps, possible risks and financing options. We also encourage you to ask questions, so we can properly address your concerns. Please schedule a consultation with us today and find out why patients from Pewaukee, Milwaukee, Waukesha and beyond choose us for their panniculectomy procedures.

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