TruSculpt ID

Whether you wish to enhance your face, breasts, or body with a cosmetic procedure, or if you require reconstructive hand surgery, Dr. McCall and compassionate team at Lake Country Plastic & Hand Surgery here to provide you with the outstanding results you deserve.

TruSculpt ID is a Monopolar RF Personalized Body Sculpting platform that can treat any shape or body type. TruSculpt ID treats the subcutaneous fat layer, resulting in long-lasting fat reduction. Unlike Coolsculpting, the radio frequency with truSculpt ID is indeed the added benefit, giving a little extra boost of tightness. The 15-minute treatment protocols can treat the abdomen and flanks simultaneously with no downtime.

How many treatments are needed?

Results are visible after just one treatment, with maximum results seen after 12 weeks. Additional treatments may be required to achieve the personalized results you desire. TruSculpt ID is an ideal treatment for targeting fat on areas of the body without overly loose skin or compromised elasticity. 

How does it feel?

Procedures are typically described as feeling like an intense warmth, simliar to a hot stone massage. During treatment, the temperature of your skin will rise but remain comfortable. It’s effective, safe and the results are even and consistent. Post-procedure, the treatment area will be warm and flushed for less than one hour. While you may experience mild sensitivity to the touch for a few days, you’ll be able to immediately return to normal activities and exercise.

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