Reimagining Breast Augmentation and Butt Lifts: A Natural Trend

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For many years, the dominant approach to plastic surgery was bigger is better. Modern trends are shifting away from this practice, emphasizing the benefit of subtler body enhancements. Today’s preferred treatments are subtle, natural-looking, and discreet. The fat-transfer technique of the Brazilian Butt Lift is still popular. However, those opting for the treatment and their surgeons aiming for natural results while remaining enhancing. This shift is fueled by the perspective that a balanced, proportionate physique is preferred over larger-than-life features.

Reimagining Breast Augmentation and Butt Lifts: A Natural Trend

Those undergoing procedures to enhance their breasts and butt no longer aim for noticeably larger assets. Today’s goal is to provide a subtle enhancement to their features that polish an already natural beauty. Many women have come to believe that the advantages of smaller breast implants outweigh the imagined benefits of larger ones. Larger implants are almost impossible to pass off as a ‘natural’ look, while small ones can improve the good look. Further, many women use these treatments to restore their natural fullness rather than move beyond it.

Some benefits of more subtle approaches to enhancement include:

  • Longer Lasting Results – Smaller implants are less likely to sag over time and can promote a firm natural look without requiring future touch-ups.
  • Easier Physical Activity – Small implants are more conducive to maintaining an exercise regime that keeps your whole body looking fit. Further, they’re more comfortable while exercising than larger implants.
  • Reduced Risks – Opting for a subtler enhancement also means the procedure places less stress on your body. Complications such as capsular contracture become less common with this subtle approach.
  • Improved Recovery – This reduction in risks also comes with faster recovery times. As the alterations made are less radical, the body can heal faster.

Both breast enhancement and Brazilian butt lifts are trending towards more subtle alterations. Silicone butt implants are still an option, but the oversized versions of these are being passed by for smaller, proportionate implants. The result is a silhouette that’s more natural, balanced, and healthy than larger alternatives. Modern plastic surgery encourages this trend in a world where surgical enhancement is becoming more effective and versatile, and personal expression is more important than ever.

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The future of plastic surgery holds incredible potential. Every year, new treatments and procedures make personalizing our appearance and embracing our inner vision of ourselves possible. It’s more important than ever that we recognize the importance of “less is more” as personal fashion and expression styles begin to rely as much on subtlety as they do on outlandishness. When you come in for your consultation with Dr. Tracy McCall, she’ll work with you to discover your goals. Together you’ll explore the myriad of plastic surgery options available to you and start developing a plan to help you reach them. It all starts with a call to (262) 523-1200. You can also stop in at our clinic in Waukesha, WI, today!

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