Breast Augmentation Side Effects

Whether you wish to enhance your face, breasts, or body with a cosmetic procedure, or if you require reconstructive hand surgery, Dr. McCall and compassionate team at Lake Country Plastic & Hand Surgery here to provide you with the outstanding results you deserve.

If you would like to make a dramatic improvement to your curves and overall figure, you should consider breast augmentation surgery using silicone or saline implants. Breast augmentation is the most popular plastic surgery procedure in the country, and it can have dramatic results. Dr. Tracy McCall will tailor the surgery to your needs and help you look your best.

Of course, all surgeries involve some side effects. Countless people in the Waukesha, WI area who are interested in breast augmentation ask us what to expect after the implants have been placed. The team at Lake Country Plastic & Hand Surgery would like to go over the most common side effects of breast augmentation below.

Pain and Discomfort

Pain and discomfort is not surprising after you undergo any sort of surgical procedure. Following breast augmentation surgery, patients can expect some amount of soreness and discomfort around the chest and breasts.

The pain should improve from day to day. Prescription pain medication and the use of over-the-counter pain relievers are helpful for pain management.


Swelling is another common side effects for all kinds of surgical procedures. Major swelling after breast augmentation typically lasts for two weeks, then gradually reducing over the course of a month. Residual and very minor swelling can last for several weeks after that.

To manage swelling, we recommend patients wear their surgical compression bra as instructed during the recovery process. This provides support to the breasts while healing and can keep some of the swelling down.


Bruising is also a common issue after surgical procedures. Following breast augmentation, patients will notice bruising around the breasts as well as the incision sites. This could mean bruising around the armpits and navel for hidden-incision surgical techniques offered at our Waukesha practice for patients who get saline breast implants.

Major bruising typically lasts for about two weeks, with minor bruising lasting until the end of four weeks. Some minor bruising may persist for a few weeks after that time.

Breast and Nipple Sensitivity

Breast and nipple sensitivity are common after breast augmentation surgery. It tends to be more pronounced if patients underwent a periareolar surgery (implants inserted through the nipples) or inframammary (implants inserted along the underside of the breasts) surgery. In addition to increased sensitivity, of the breasts, patients may experience numbness or tingling.

Issues with breast and nipple sensitivity will last for a few weeks. Normal sensation should return as your body heals and the nerves repair themselves. Some patients may experience sensitivity, numbness, and tingling for a few months.

Post-Surgical Scarring

Scarring is a reality with any surgical procedure. Scar location varies based on the type of breast augmentation surgery technique that was used. If you’re prone to scarring or have had issues with scarring in the past, we’ll be sure to use a surgical procedure with hidden incisions.

Generally, scarring after breast augmentation will be most pronounced in the first few weeks after the procedure. After a few months, the scarring will heal completely. It will take time for the scars to fade, but they will become less prominent with proper aftercare. Even if incisions are made on the breasts, they can be concealed by many tops, undergarments, and bathing suits.

Contact Our Team If Any Issues Arise

If you experience any serious side effects as you recover from breast augmentation, be sure to contact our Waukesha plastic surgery center as soon as possible. We can address your concerns immediately and get you the care and attention you need to heal properly.

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