Breast Augmentation: The Transaxillary Incision

Whether you wish to enhance your face, breasts, or body with a cosmetic procedure, or if you require reconstructive hand surgery, Dr. McCall and compassionate team at Lake Country Plastic & Hand Surgery here to provide you with the outstanding results you deserve.

Here at Lake Country Plastic and Hand Surgery, we have developed a strong reputation for achieving excellent cosmetic results. This is what keeps bringing so many patients back to our practice serving the greater Milwaukee region. In particular, we have been able to help many patients enhance their bustlines and body contours through breast augmentation/enlargement surgery.

There are many ways that breast augmentation can be performed. We’d like to look at one particular incision method that’s become popular over the years: the transaxillary incision method.

What is a transaxillary incision?

The transaxillary breast augmentation incision is located in a patient’s armpit. This means that rather than rely on an incision on the breast (i.e., around the areola or along the underside of the breast), the incision is completely away from the chest area. Working carefully, the plastic surgeon can create a breast pocket and introduce the implant into the pocket through this armpit incision.

The Advantages of the Transaxillary Incision

The primary advantage of the transaxillary breast augmentation incision is that there is no scarring whatsoever on the breast itself. The incision is very well hidden in the armpit, meaning that few people will realize that you have undergone a breast enhancement surgery of any kind. The results of transaxillary breast augmentation can look realistic and natural thanks to modern surgical technology.

The Disadvantages of the Transaxillary Incision

The primary disadvantage of the transaxillary breast augmentation incision has to do with surgical limitations. Since the incision is further away from the breast area, a plastic surgeon has less ability to manipulate the implant within the breast pocket. In addition, only saline breast implants can be used with the transaxillary incision method.

Hidden Scarring May Be Worth Certain Limitations

There is always a trade-off to consider when it comes to breast augmentation incisions that are not located on the breast itself. Keep in mind, however, that some patients are very pleased with the trade-offs that are made since scarring remains unnoticeable on the breasts themselves.

Other Incision Techniques for Breast Augmentation Surgery

In addition to the transaxillary incision method, there are three other common incision methods to consider:

  • Breast augmentation using an incision around the areola (periareolar breast augmentation)
  • Breast augmentation using an incision beneath the breast (inframammary breast augmentation)
  • Breast augmentation using an incision in the navel (trans-umbilical breast augmentation, or TUBA)

Tailoring a Surgery to Meet Your Needs

It’s always important that each patient’s breast augmentation be tailored to suit her needs. During the consultation process, we will carefully consider how each breast augmentation method can be tailored to ensure the best possible results. We will work closely with you each step of the way when it comes to this process so you understand all the pros and cons of the procedure ahead.

Speak with Dr. Tracy McCall About Breast Augmentation Surgery

For more information about breast augmentation methods and which ones might be most ideal for you and your needs, be sure to contact our cosmetic plastic surgery center today. The entire team here at Lake Country Plastic and Hand Surgery looks forward to your visit and helping you achieve the best possible results with regard to your figure and body contour.

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