Breast Lift after Weight Loss Can Rejuvenate the Bustline

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Breast lift surgery can help restore the appearance of breasts left saggy and deflated from life changes, including significant weight loss.

Because the breasts are largely made of fatty tissue, they are susceptible to changes caused by weight loss and weight gain. After weight loss, the breasts can lose firmness and become saggy.

Dr. Tracy McCall can perform breast lift surgery to rejuvenate the bustline and create a more youthful appearance. If you would like to find out if breast lift after weight loss is right for you, we welcome you to contact our Milwaukee, WI to schedule a consultation with Dr. McCall.

Breast Lift after Weight Loss Can Rejuvenate the Breasts

Losing a significant amount of weight can help improve health and self-esteem, but often, excessive weight loss can leave the skin loose and saggy.

For many women who have lost a significant amount of weight, the breasts themselves may become saggy and flattened, losing their firmness and shape.

Unfortunately, no amount of exercise can tighten skin or restore the breasts’ shape, but breast lift surgery can help. Many women who are unhappy with the appearance of sagging, flattened breasts after weight loss can regain a rejuvenated, more shapely and youthful bustline with breast lift surgery.

Breast Lift Options after Weight Loss

There are different techniques that may be used during breast lift surgery to restore the breasts to a perkier, more youthful position. The technique used often depends on the needs and desired results of each patient.

Some things that will be considered when choosing the technique includes skin quality, the extent of sagging, and breast size. Breast lift techniques that may be used after weight loss include:

  • Standard lift: The standard lift is performed with incisions that are often described as anchor-shaped. The incisions used in a standard lift follows the shape of an anchor, with an incision along the crease beneath the breast, an incision straight up from the crease, and another incision around the border of the areola. This approach is performed on patients with more severe drooping.
  • Doughnut mastopexy: A doughnut mastopexy is performed by making incisions around the areola, much like the shape of a doughnut. Excess tissue is removed from these incisions and the areola shape and size may also be adjusted if desired. Doughnut mastopexy is most suitable for women who do not have larger breasts as only a limited about of tissue can be removed with this technique.
  • Lollipop lift: With a lollipop lift, incisions are made around the areola and a smaller incision will be made down the middle of the breast to the breast crease, resembling a lollipop shape. The lollipop incision creates less scarring than the anchor-shaped incision used for a standard breast lift and is suitable for women seeking a moderate lift.

Other Considerations with Breast Lift after Weight Loss

Before undergoing breast lift surgery after weight loss, it’s important for patients to be at or near their goal weight. Patients who intend to lose more weight should wait until they are at their goal weight as losing more weight after breast lift surgery can interfere with the results and cause the breast to look saggy and deflated once again.

Women who would like to have children at some point after their weight loss should consider waiting until after pregnancy to undergo a breast lift. Pregnancy and breastfeeding can stretch the breasts and negate the results of breast lift surgery.

Finally, breast lift surgery does not restore volume to the breasts, so women who wish to have fuller and perkier breasts may benefit from undergoing breast augmentation at the time of their breast lift.

Find out if Breast Lift Surgery Is Right for You

If you have lost significant weight and would like to restore the firmness of your breasts, breast lift surgery may be right for you. Find out if you’re a candidate by calling our team at (262) 523-1200 to schedule a consultation.

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