Identifying Hand Tumors: Symptoms and Treatment Options

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Hand Tumors

As intricate and vital tools of daily interaction, the hands hold great significance in both functional and aesthetic aspects of our lives. The hand’s complex structure, consisting of bones, joints, tendons, and soft tissues, is not exempt from potential health issues, among which tumors are of notable concern. Though the word “tumor” often brings feelings of alarm, many hand tumors are benign, meaning they aren’t cancerous. However, any growth or mass on the hand deserves attention due to potential discomfort, restriction in movement, or cosmetic concerns. At Lake Country Plastic and Hand Surgery in Waukesha, WI, Dr. Tracy McCall has dedicated her practice to addressing these concerns, backed by extensive expertise in hand surgery.

Identifying Hand Tumors: Symptoms and Treatment Options

Hand tumors can present in diverse ways. Some might only cause cosmetic concerns, while others can interfere with the hand’s functionality or cause pain. The origins of these tumors can be varied, from changes in the skin cells to abnormalities in the soft tissues or bones of the hand.

  • Ganglion Cysts: These are the most frequently seen hand tumors. Often linked to joints or tendons, their origins remain largely unknown. They appear as round, fluid-filled sacs and can change in size.
  • Giant Cell Tumor: These tumors are rarer and often arise from the sheath that covers tendons. Their aggressive nature sometimes requires more extensive treatments, even though they are usually benign.
  • Epidermoid Cysts: Developing from trapped skin cells, these cysts might not show symptoms unless they become infected or enlarge to press against nerves.
  • Lipomas: Essentially benign fatty tumors, lipomas are soft to the touch and may appear anywhere on the body, including the hands. They usually grow slowly and are painless unless they press against nerves.

The treatment approach is usually dictated by the type of tumor, its size, location, and any symptoms it may be causing.

  • Observation: Some tumors should be monitored, especially if they’re not causing discomfort or growing rapidly. Regular checks can ensure they remain benign and don’t pose any new threats.
  • Surgical Excision: This approach is commonly adopted, especially when the tumor causes pain or restricts hand movement. The procedure’s complexity varies based on the tumor’s size and location.
  • Cortisone Injections: These potent anti-inflammatory agents can be particularly useful for certain types of tumors, reducing their size and alleviating associated discomfort.
  • Aspiration: This procedure removes the fluid from cysts, relieving symptoms. However, there’s a chance of recurrence with this method.

With hands pivotal to daily tasks and expressions, prioritizing their health is non-negotiable. Having concerns about your hands, especially unfamiliar growths, can be unsettling. But with the right care and expert guidance, most hand tumors can be effectively managed. Located conveniently in Waukesha, WI, Lake Country Plastic and Hand Surgery is dedicated to offering state-of-the-art care for all hand-related concerns. Dr. Tracy McCall, revered for her meticulous approach and patient-centric care, ensures that each individual receives personalized treatment plans suited to their needs.

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