Protecting Your Hands During Winter: Common Hand Fractures and Injuries

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As winter graces the region with its snow-clad beauty, the fragile structures in our hands are more vulnerable to fractures and injuries. Having the right knowledge can be your shield against these seasonal mishaps, ensuring your hands stay in their best shape.

Winter’s Grip: Hand Injuries and Their Prevention

Winter, while magical with its snowflakes and cozy firesides, can be a tricky season for our hands. The challenges are multifaceted, encompassing everyday chores to winter-specific recreations. Here, we delve deeper into the threats our hands face and how best to prevent them:

  • Icy Slips: One of the most common wintertime accidents happens because of treacherous ice-covered paths. When falling, our automatic response is to extend our hands, potentially causing wrist sprains, dislocations, or even fractures.
    • Prevention: Aside from de-icing your premises, consider using sand or cat litter for added traction. Awareness is key; be especially cautious during early mornings or late evenings when black ice is common.
  • Cold Exposure: Frostbite is an unfortunate reality of prolonged cold exposure. The extremities, including fingers, are especially at risk. Severe cases can lead to tissue death and require medical intervention.
    • Prevention: Layering is your best defense. Opt for moisture-wicking inner gloves with thicker, insulated outer gloves. Remember, wet gloves (from snow or sweat) lose their insulating properties; change them immediately.
  • Winter Sports Mishaps: While winter sports add thrill to the season, they are not without risks. Incorrect landing postures or collisions can lead to acute injuries.
    • Prevention: Apart from wrist guards, consider professional training sessions. A proper technique can drastically reduce injury risks.
  • Overuse Injuries: Repetitive tasks, especially in cold weather, amplify the risk of overuse injuries. Tendonitis or even stress fractures can arise from activities like snow shoveling.
    • Prevention: Rotate tasks to avoid stressing one part of the hand or wrist. If using tools, ensure they have padded handles to distribute pressure evenly.

At Lake Country Plastic and Hand Surgery, our ethos revolves around complete hand wellness. Dr. Tracy McCall’s years of experience have cultivated a clinic environment that promotes both curative and preventive measures. Hand safety, particularly in the harsher seasons, is always front and center in our consultations. Our tailored advice, matched with our surgical expertise, makes us a sought-after hand care destination in Waukesha.

Winter Preparedness: Ensuring Optimal Hand Health

Embracing winter’s charm doesn’t mean compromising hand health. Armed with knowledge and caution, you can navigate the season seamlessly. If concerns arise, remember that Lake Country Plastic and Hand Surgery is here to assist. Reach out to us at (262) 523-1200.

The season of festivities and snow shouldn’t mar the beauty and functionality of your hands. Let proactive care guide you, ensuring a winter filled with warmth, comfort, and merry moments.

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