Surgeries Used To Treat Medical Concerns With The Hand

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Hand Surgery

Our hands are an essential part of navigating our world. With them, we eat, write, and communicate with our electronic devices. We use them to communicate care and concern and participate in our favorite hobbies. When problems with the hand occur, numerous treatments can be performed to address the underlying issue. When the concern is more than superficial, numerous types of surgery can be used to treat them.

Surgeries Used To Treat Medical Concerns With The Hand

Injuries to the hand can occur due to a broad number of reasons. Bones can break, tendons can become worn and tired, and nerves impacted.

  • Closed Reduction And Fixation – This approach addresses breaks or fractures of the hand or fingers. During this procedure, the breakpoints will be realigned into their proper position and immobilized so they can heal. This immobilization often involves the use of splints or casts. In some instances, rods or wires may be called for to support the healing process.
  • Tendon Repair – Tendons are fibrous bands that attach the bone to the muscle. Repairing them can often be challenging due to the way they’re made. Infection, spontaneous rupture, and trauma can all cause damage to the tendon. There are three classifications of repair of tendons, primary, secondary, and delayed primary. Primary repairs occur within 24 hours of the initial injury. Secondary repairs may occur within a month of the initial injury. Delayed secondary repairs are done while the wounded area is still open but are done within a few days of the surgery. Primary repairs often involve directly repairing the tendon surgically. Secondary treatments often use tendon grafts or other, more complex procedures.
  • Nerve Repairs – Within the hand can be found three primary nerves. These nerves may become injured and impair the function of the hand. In some cases, injuries may impact the ability of the hand to experience sensation. Surgical nerve repair occurs within six weeks of the initial injury and attempts to reattach the nerves where they’ve become separated. Your surgeon may also attempt a nerve graft to restore function and sensation to the treated hand.
  • Joint Replacement – Arthroplasty is a treatment that addresses issues in patients with severe arthritis. Accomplishing this requires the placement of a temporary joint in the affected area. These artificial joints may be silicone rubber, metal, plastic, or even the patient’s body tissue.

This is an incomplete list of surgical treatments for patients with complications involving their hands.

Reach Out To Your Hand Specialist For More Information

If you’re experiencing symptoms associated with an injury to the hand, reach out to your specialist for assistance. They’ll discuss your treatment options following a consultation. During your consultation, they’ll discuss the symptoms you’re experiencing and what treatments may be available to help. You may be scheduled for imaging, including x-rays or MRI, to diagnose the injury in question more accurately. The more promptly that you get treatment for an injury to the hand, the higher your chances of a complete and successful recovery.

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