Taking Arnica for Breast Augmentation

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For women with naturally small breasts or those who have experienced a loss of breast volume, breast augmentation can greatly improve confidence and body image. Breast augmentation uses breast implants to increase breast size, improve breast shape, and create a more symmetrical bustline.

Breast augmentation provides great results, but it requires a fairly lengthy recovery, which involves side effects like bruising and inflammation. Dr. Tracy McCall advises our Waukesha, WI, patients to consider the use of arnica for breast augmentation. This homeopathic remedy may ease certain breast augmentation side effects to give patients a smoother recovery.

What Is Arnica?

Arnica, which is known by several other names, including arnica montana and leopard’s bane, is an herb that grows in Siberia, central Europe, and areas of North America where temperatures are moderate. Active chemicals in the flowers of arnica may be useful in reducing swelling, decreasing pain, and minimizing the risk of infection.

Is Arnica Safe?

As a flower, arnica is toxic and should never be ingested. Similarly, individuals should not attempt to make their own remedy using arnica flowers. However, arnica is offered in pill and ointment form at many health food stores. These products contain a very diluted version of arnica that can be safely used as a homeopathic remedy. Homeopathic remedies containing diluted arnica are safe, and they are not known to cause any side effects.

How Should I Use Arnica for Breast Augmentation?

Dr. McCall encourages our Waukesha patients to consider the use of arnica prior to and following breast augmentation surgery. The easiest way for patients to use arnica is in its pill form. Arnica pills are available in many different doses. For breast augmentation, we generally recommend that patients look for 30c pills.

Patients can begin taking Arnica a few days prior to their breast augmentation procedure, and should continue for a week or two afterwards. Dosage instructions can be found on the bottle, but the typical dosage for 30c pills is two tablets, three times a day. Patients should place arnica tablets under the tongue about 15 to 30 minutes prior to eating.

Arnica can also be used in ointment form after breast augmentation. However, if a patient chooses to use arnica lotion around the surgical area, they need to be very careful. Arnica should never be applied to broken skin, so it is especially important to avoid surgical incisions.

Benefits of Arnica

There is not sufficient data to prove the benefits of arnica in surgical recovery. However, it is widely recognized as a safe and effective homeopathic remedy. Arnica is recommended to:

  • Reduce inflammation
  • Ease discomfort
  • Minimize bruising
  • Promote healing

It is important to note that arnica should only be used to complement traditional medical treatments, and never as a replacement. Our Waukesha patients should be sure to follow all of Dr. McCall’s post-surgical instructions and should use all prescribed medication as directed to minimize the risk of any surgical complications following breast augmentation.

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