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Whether you wish to enhance your face, breasts, or body with a cosmetic procedure, or if you require reconstructive hand surgery, Dr. McCall and compassionate team at Lake Country Plastic & Hand Surgery here to provide you with the outstanding results you deserve.
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With the dawn of a new year just around the corner, it presents a golden opportunity to reflect upon self-improvement and rejuvenation. Let’s delve deeper into the transformative world of reconstructive plastic surgery.

Unfolding the Magic of Reconstructive Procedures

The start of a fresh year often signifies new beginnings, replete with aspirations, goals, and a zest for life. Isn’t it a splendid idea to channelize this enthusiasm towards enhancing our own physical wellbeing? The realm of reconstructive plastic surgery offers multiple avenues to achieve this:

  • Birth Defects: Conditions like cleft lips or palates can sometimes dampen one’s self-confidence. Reconstructive solutions cater to these challenges, ensuring both functionality and an improved appearance.
  • Erasing the Scars of Unforeseen Events: Life’s unpredictable moments can sometimes result in scars or deformations. Surgical expertise can help in restoring the skin, making these scars a fading memory.
  • Cancer Reconstruction: Surviving cancer is a monumental feat. The next step for many is to regain their physical form, especially after procedures like mastectomies. Reconstructive surgery acts as a bridge to this restoration.
  • The Final Lap in Weight Loss: After achieving significant weight loss, the residual loose skin can be a concern. Tailored surgeries help in refining these contours, adding the finishing touches to your weight loss success story.

Lake Country Plastic and Hand Surgery isn’t just a medical institution; it’s a sanctuary of trust, expertise, and unparalleled patient care. Dr. Tracy McCall, celebrated for her prowess in the field, anchors the clinic’s vision of ensuring that each surgical journey is not only about physical transformation but also about emotional well-being. Our unwavering focus on comfort, safety, and delivering outstanding results have made us the preferred choice for countless individuals, not just from Waukesha but from regions far and wide.

The New Year Awaits: Your Time to Shine

As the air gets filled with the excitement of what the new year might hold, take a moment to prioritize yourself. If a physical transformation has been on your mind, consider this the universe’s nudge towards taking that step. Conveniently located in Waukesha, WI, Lake Country Plastic and Hand Surgery extends its expertise to all those seeking a change. To explore the myriad of options or to seek expert counsel, reach out to us at (262) 523-1200.

2023 beckons with promises of fresh starts and newer horizons. Embrace it with a revitalized spirit, confidence, and the zeal to be the best version of yourself. Remember, with Lake Country Plastic and Hand Surgery as your partner, every step towards the “New You” will be an experience to cherish.

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