Tummy Tucks: What Are They and How Do They Work?

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Women who desire to tone their stomach muscles and contour their bellies after giving birth. People who desire to remove extra flabby skin from their midline after experiencing considerable weight loss. These two patient types visit cosmetic surgeons the most frequently to inquire about stomach tuck procedures. A stomach tuck, commonly known as an abdominoplasty, is a procedure that improves the look and form of a person’s abdomen.

What is a Tummy Tuck?

Surgery for a stomach tuck aims to improve the patient’s external appearance and internal well-being. Tummy tucks are a relatively manageable treatment; most patients find them straightforward to undergo and recover from. The sixth-most frequent cosmetic surgery in the U.S., around 140,000 stomach tucks are carried out annually. Ten things you should know if you’re thinking about getting this upgrade are listed below:

  • A belly tuck makes you look and feel better. It’s not a form of weight loss surgery. The operation is meant to help a patient’s abdomen take on a more contoured appearance by eliminating extra skin and tiny quantities of fat.
  • There are several tummy tuck procedures. Which solution is best for you can be determined with the aid of your plastic surgeon.
  • After pregnancy, the abdominal wall expands.
  • Surgery should only be thought about once your weight is steady. If the patient is a healthy weight, there is no optimal weight for a belly tuck treatment.
  • Before the surgery, avoid a crash diet. Some people believe they should starve themselves before getting a belly tuck to lose a few more pounds.
  • Procedures can be coupled with tummy tucks. Many people who undergo cosmetic surgery want to have many bodily parts enhanced.
  • Recovery is less extensive than it was. Over the past 20 years, tummy tucks have seen significant development. In the past, patients would frequently spend the night at the hospital. Today, the surgery may be completed in an outpatient ambulatory surgical facility in two to three hours.
  • Procedures for belly tucks have seen several improvements. With a belly tuck treatment, an overnight stay is no longer required for various reasons.
  • Scars can be well-managed and covered. A horizontal incision is made during a stomach tuck treatment and can be hidden under the waistband of swimming suits. If a C-section incision is there, patients may often use it.
  • Having kids is possible after a belly tuck. But it’s wise to hold off until your family is complete. You or the baby won’t be harmed if you become pregnant after this treatment, but the advantages of the surgery will be lost.

Although the belly should expand to accommodate the growing baby, this does not always happen.

Tummy Tucks with Lake Country Plastic and Hand Surgery

It is not the perfect moment for a belly tuck if you weigh 160 pounds but genuinely want to weigh 120 pounds. A stomach tuck might help you attain your goal if you are OK with your current weight but wish to lose the additional skin. We can provide your tummy tuck at Lake Country Plastic and Hand Surgery. Call us at (262) 523-1200 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Tracy McCall today!

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