Wide-Awake Surgery Procedures Revolutionize In-Office Hand Surgery

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The process of having surgery has always involved a good portion of your day or even staying in the hospital. However, a new approach to surgery has a notable impact on the time required. Imagine walking into your surgeon’s office, receiving the treatment you came for, and leaving an hour or two later. Further, imagine that you’re fully awake and able to drive afterward, eliminating the need to bring someone. Even better, imagine that the cost to you, the doctor, and the insurance company is thousands less than before. That’s what wide-awake hand surgery brings to the field for many surgical procedures.

How Wide-Awake Surgery Procedures Revolutionize In-Office Hand Surgery

This approach to surgery isn’t well-known yet but is becoming increasingly popular due to the benefits for everyone involved. These benefits come from eliminating the need to transition to the hospital from the office and the need to undergo general anesthesia and its potential hazards. Even better, the results from wide-awake surgery have been showing notable improvements in patient satisfaction in addition to fewer complications resulting from the surgery. While wide-awake surgery will never be the approach used with more complex surgeries, there’s a surprising number that this approach can be used to complete.

  • Reduced risk of nerve damage, nausea, blood clots, and vomiting from IVs and general anesthesia.
  • More accessible surgical options for patients with heart concerns, diabetes, or who are high risk.
  • Reduced surgical cost
  • In-office procedures eliminate the risk of hospital-transmitted infections.

One form of hand surgery that can benefit from this procedure is carpal tunnel release. Reports from patients undergoing this procedure indicate that it is less painful than receiving routine dental care. Further, those who have undergone this treatment state they’d definitely prefer the in-office approach to traditional surgeries. One of the main complications with this procedure doesn’t involve the treatment itself. Instead, it’s that coverage for the procedure is sparse for providers.

Regardless, this approach is becoming far more common worldwide and in the United States. These procedures are simply more cost-effective, safer, and more convenient for the patient. They represent an essential step in making receiving healthcare safer and more convenient than ever before. Further, it expands access to necessary treatments by avoiding needing to book valuable hospital operating room time. This allows hospitals to prioritize life-saving surgeries that would otherwise have to compete for space with minor surgeries that could be performed in-office.

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