Youthful Breasts with a Lift and Areola Reduction

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To most people, firm, symmetrical, youthful-looking breasts are attractive. While many women enjoy naturally beautiful breasts in their younger years, time tends to take a toll on the bust line. If your breasts droop due to aging, pregnancies, or weight fluctuations, you can reclaim a more esthetically pleasing, youthful bust line. Explore the surgical option of a breast lift, also known as a mastopexy, with areola reduction. This procedure lifts and firms the breasts, while also reducing the size of the areolas. To find out if you are a good candidate for breast lift and areola reduction, contact our Milwaukee, WI practice today.

What Breast Lift Accomplishes?

The skin stretches in response to changes in weight. And with age, the skin loses elasticity, making it less likely to snap back into shape after it has been stretched. It is natural for women, particularly women who have larger breasts, to notice a progressive drooping of the breasts over time.

A breast lift allows surgeons to remove excess skin and tighten the breast skin envelope. The breast lift technique that is right for you will depend upon the extent of the ptosis, or drooping. During the procedure, the surgeon makes incisions on the breasts, removes excess skin, and produces a firmer, lifted appearance. The incision will run around the perimeter of the areola; it may also extend down the center of the breast, and along the inframammary crease.

What Areola Reduction Accomplishes?

Located in the center of the breasts, the areolas and nipples are pulled downward as the skin stretches and breasts sag. In addition, in response to hormone changes, pregnancy, breast feeding, and weight gain, the areolas can become larger, In other cases, patients naturally have large areolas.  

During the breast lift procedure, the areolas and nipples can be lifted to a higher position on the chest. In addition, surgeons can reduce the size of the areolas to approximately 1.5 inches in diameter.

Planning Your Surgery

A breast lift is usually an outpatient procedure. You will be under general anesthesia during the two to four hour surgery. Afterward, you should wear a compression garment and follow the doctor’s post-operative instructions to manage soreness and swelling during the healing process.

Expect to take about one to two weeks off work, depending upon how physical your job is. Know that you will not be able to work out for three to six weeks, and should not do any heavy lifting for six weeks.

What to Expect from the Results?

Breast lift results can last for 10 to 20 years. All breasts lifts leave some scarring, but a good plastic surgeon will use the most effective procedure that leaves the least noticeable scars. This surgery does not address the size of breasts; if you wish to increase the size of the breasts, implants can be placed. In most cases, implants can be placed during a breast lift and areola reduction procedure.

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