How Hand Surgery Emergencies Can Help

Hand Surgery

It is possible to sustain injuries to the hand in various ways, such as lacerations, crushed fingers, open fractures, or loss of fingers, a thumb, or the entire hand. It is common to develop infections after a wound, bite, or laceration. Falling on ice or operating snow blowers can lead to numerous hand and wrist […]

How Laser Hair Removal Benefits Your Health

Professional Laser Hair Removal Services

It’s very common for people to have hair in places they’d rather they didn’t. For some, it’s hair that’s too dark, too thick, or creates an unwanted appearance. Controlling this hair is a neverending process, one that takes countless hours across a lifetime. Waxing and shaving are temporary solutions that can be inconvenient, uncomfortable, or […]

5 Reasons Winter Is the Optimal Time for Plastic Surgery

Woman Outside In Snow

With summer firmly behind us and the cold winter months here, it’s the best time of year for getting plastic surgery. There are many reasons why scheduling your plastic surgery for the winter months benefits you and can help produce better outcomes. Perhaps most important to many people would be that you’ll be fully recovered […]

What You Should Know If You’re Considering Rhinoplasty

Woman After Rhinoplasty Looking in Mirror Photo

People unsatisfied with the appearance of their noses can easily get rhinoplasty, also called a nose job, to correct their appearance and improve their nose contours. If you’re curious about this type of procedure, here’s some essential information you should know before choosing a plastic surgeon for your surgery.  What is Rhinoplasty? How Long Does […]

Underlying Causes Of Gynecomastia and Effective Treatments

While many people have not heard of the condition known as gynecomastia, it impacts over half of all male-bodied people at some stage of their lives. It occurs when the breast tissue enlarges due to hormones, obesity, or medication. If you’re among those experiencing this condition, plastic surgery can help. The traditional approach to treating […]

Tina Biesterveld review

Due to a cancer diagnosis I was thrown into a whirlwind of appointments and the mention of a bilateral reduction for breast symmetry to coincide with my partial mastectomy lead me to Dr. McCall. A year later due to another underlying condition complicated by chemotherapy I found myself in need of an abdominoplasty. There was […]

What Are Nerve Compression Syndromes?

Hand Pain Up Close

Nerve compression syndrome is a common condition that affects many people, and it can range from mild to severe. While these syndromes can occur in any area of the body, nerve compressions of the hand will present various signs and symptoms that correspond with the specific nerves located within the hand. Understanding these syndromes, what […]

Prevention vs. Correction: Why Younger People Are Getting More Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery Care Closeup

In previous years, older adults would use plastic surgery to reduce signs of aging that were already apparent in their appearance. These days, younger generations are taking plastic surgery as a proactive solution, using plastic surgery as a way to prevent and slow down the onset of aging. As one of the biggest trends alongside […]

Understanding Trigger Finger And How It’s Treated

One hand pressing other hand Triggerfinger

Trigger finger is a common health concern in both the thumbs and hands. The condition affects the flexor tendons that help the fingers and thumb bend. Surrounding these tendons of soft, thick tissue is known as pulleys. The lining and tendon are both designed to be able to move smoothly along the pulleys without friction. […]

Surgeries Used To Treat Medical Concerns With The Hand

Hand Surgery

Our hands are an essential part of navigating our world. With them, we eat, write, and communicate with our electronic devices. We use them to communicate care and concern and participate in our favorite hobbies. When problems with the hand occur, numerous treatments can be performed to address the underlying issue. When the concern is […]