Tummy Tucks: What Are They and How Do They Work?

Side Profile of Woman with Belly

Women who desire to tone their stomach muscles and contour their bellies after giving birth. People who desire to remove extra flabby skin from their midline after experiencing considerable weight loss. These two patient types visit cosmetic surgeons the most frequently to inquire about stomach tuck procedures. A stomach tuck, commonly known as an abdominoplasty, […]

Everything You Need to Know About Hybrid Breast Augmentation

Woman Measuring Bust with Tape Measure

Today’s women seeking breast augmentation typically focus more on having breasts that are proportionate to their bodies and aim for outcomes that seem as natural as possible. As a result, some of my Boston patients who have undergone breast augmentation have inquired about fat transfer breast enhancement, which enhances the breasts without using implants. Everything […]

What Are the Different Types of Hand Surgery

Woman Holding Hand Up Close

Many ailments impacting the hand can be corrected through surgical intervention. More conservative methods, including physical therapy and medication, are typically the first steps in finding relief. However, when these prove ineffective or insufficient, Lake County Plastic and Hand Surgery can help you find relief through surgical care.  What Are the Different Types of Hand […]

Tone Your Cheeks With Buccal Fat Removal

Woman Getting Facial Treatment On Cheeks

If your cheekbones lack definition due to the roundness of your cheeks, then having a buccal fat reduction can help tone down and reshape your face to what you desire. Buccal fat procedures have a high patient satisfaction rate and can boost your self-confidence and help you achieve slender features. At Lake Country Plastic and […]

The Growing Plastic Surgery Craze Among Gen Z

Smiling Young Woman With Braces

When “cosmetic surgery” is used, older people with facelifts or other age-defying procedures are frequently pictured. However, reality frequently diverges significantly from the impression. At younger and younger ages, people are consulting with skilled surgeons. Since the aging process starts as soon as you are born, and time doesn’t stop for anyone. Millennials and Generation […]

Wide-Awake Surgery Procedures Revolutionize In-Office Hand Surgery

Person with Trigger Finger

The process of having surgery has always involved a good portion of your day or even staying in the hospital. However, a new approach to surgery has a notable impact on the time required. Imagine walking into your surgeon’s office, receiving the treatment you came for, and leaving an hour or two later. Further, imagine […]

How To Know When It’s The Right Time For Plastic Surgery

Woman bashful about stomach

Plastic surgery has always been controversial, but recently we’ve seen a rise in acceptance. Despite the previous reservations about “getting work done,” plastic surgery has become increasingly popular worldwide. Now, rather than being seen as a way of holding back the tide of aging, it’s seen as a form of self-care and taking control over […]

How Hand Surgery Helps Pediatric Patients

Child Holding Parents Hand Closeup

Congenital hand differences can affect a child’s health and growth. These differences can limit the use of their hands or fingers, restricting functional development. Conditions that affect the hands can be disabling when children begin to explore the world around them or interact with others. Many children need plastic surgery to correct congenital hand differences.  […]

How Hand Surgery Emergencies Can Help

Hand Surgery

It is possible to sustain injuries to the hand in various ways, such as lacerations, crushed fingers, open fractures, or loss of fingers, a thumb, or the entire hand. It is common to develop infections after a wound, bite, or laceration. Falling on ice or operating snow blowers can lead to numerous hand and wrist […]

How Laser Hair Removal Benefits Your Health

Professional Laser Hair Removal Services

It’s very common for people to have hair in places they’d rather they didn’t. For some, it’s hair that’s too dark, too thick, or creates an unwanted appearance. Controlling this hair is a neverending process, one that takes countless hours across a lifetime. Waxing and shaving are temporary solutions that can be inconvenient, uncomfortable, or […]

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