What Are Nerve Compression Syndromes?

Hand Pain Up Close

Nerve compression syndrome is a common condition that affects many people, and it can range from mild to severe. While these syndromes can occur in any area of the body, nerve compressions of the hand will present various signs and symptoms that correspond with the specific nerves located within the hand. Understanding these syndromes, what […]

Prevention vs. Correction: Why Younger People Are Getting More Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery Care Closeup

In previous years, older adults would use plastic surgery to reduce signs of aging that were already apparent in their appearance. These days, younger generations are taking plastic surgery as a proactive solution, using plastic surgery as a way to prevent and slow down the onset of aging. As one of the biggest trends alongside […]

Understanding Trigger Finger And How It’s Treated

One hand pressing other hand Triggerfinger

Trigger finger is a common health concern in both the thumbs and hands. The condition affects the flexor tendons that help the fingers and thumb bend. Surrounding these tendons of soft, thick tissue is known as pulleys. The lining and tendon are both designed to be able to move smoothly along the pulleys without friction. […]

Surgeries Used To Treat Medical Concerns With The Hand

Hand Surgery

Our hands are an essential part of navigating our world. With them, we eat, write, and communicate with our electronic devices. We use them to communicate care and concern and participate in our favorite hobbies. When problems with the hand occur, numerous treatments can be performed to address the underlying issue. When the concern is […]

5 Cosmetic Treatments That Are Safe During Summertime

Woman Out in Field At Sunset

Cosmetic surgery, considered to be a subsect of plastic surgery, may sound like a terrible idea for summer fun, especially if you consider the bright sun, its harmful UV rays, and skin problems that can occur. While cosmetic surgery doesn’t look like a grand idea, we’re here to argue that with the right treatments, you […]

How Plastic Surgery Can Empower Body Positivity

Woman in Meditation At Peace

Body positivity is one of the most powerful messages of our time. As more women push back against traditional beauty standards, this movement has tackled conversations about the perception of beauty in media, business, and even children’s toys. All bodies are beautiful, and one of the biggest assumptions over the last decade is that plastic […]

The Pros, Cons, and Psychology Behind Cosmetic Surgery

Emotional Woman Side Profile

Cosmetic surgery provides many opportunities for growth and self-esteem, providing people with new ways to view their bodies and feel good about themselves. Many people who seek out plastic surgery are working to improve their own form of self-acceptance, as many aspects of traditional beauty standards tend to feed on emotional distress, poor body image, […]

Breast Lift Scars

Young brunette woman touching her heart with her hands over gray background

Women with drooping breasts can undergo a breast lift (mastopexy), which helps reduce sagging and help achieve a perkier bustline. Dr. Tracy E. McCall has helped numerous women in and around Waukesha, WI thanks to breast lift surgery. We receive a lot of questions about scarring after breast lift and what to expect. Let’s go over the different […]

How to Plan for Breast Augementation

Woman hand checking lumps on her breast for signs of breast cancer.

Undergoing breast augmentation can make you feel great about the way you look and really enhance your curves and contours. That said, it’s not something you should leap into all of a sudden. It’s important to Dr. Tracy E. McCall that all of her Waukesha, WI breast augmentation patients go into the surgery with realistic expectations. The team at […]

Breat Implant Sizes How to Choose the Right Size

Doctor holds breast implants next to patient

Thanks to breast augmentation, women can experience fuller curves and body contours while enhancing their self-confidence. Dr. Tracy E. McCall has helped countless patients in the Waukesha, WI area achieve excellent, natural-looking results by tailoring each breast augmentation procedure to their needs. Many patients who come to Lake Country Plastic & Hand Surgery wonder how to pick the right […]